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24 Hour Help For Our Clients

When you hire Fly Limo Service, that comes with a satisfaction guarantee. However, we sometimes have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. To make things smoother, we listed a few ways we deal with some of the more common requests.

  • Weather
  • Delays
  • Special Requests
  • Customer Service
If you need more help

We are available for rides 24/7. The fastest way to contact us is via a phone call. If the call is ride specific, it will be routed to your driver.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • credit cards
  • transfers such as Zelle
  • cash (might require booking deposit)

Yes, but the request must be made in advance and there will be an additional fee to cover car seat cleaning costs.

Also, you are 100% responsible for checking the proper mounting of the car seat inside the vehicle.

It usually depends on the driver’s schedule on that day. If the driver has some time before the next trip, we’ll try to accommodate your request. Route changes and additional stops may incur additional charges.

Yes. However, you might be charged a cancelation fee is the ride is not canceled in advance. The cancelation fee is meant to cover gas, the driver’s time and the blocked time on the calendar.

Usually, if you contact us with plenty of time in advance, we’ll do our best to cancel the ride without any cancelation fees.